Music Ever heard of Post-pop Folk?

Ever heard of Post-pop Folk?

In a shimmering gold coat, sleek black stockings and a gold beaded head wrap, Kat Kai Kol- Kes’s presence is mesmerizing. Kol-kes takes her audience on a journey with her beautiful voice, intriguing story-telling and charismatic spirit. She pairs this with a dose of power and sass as she commands participation from us, and orders an audience member to act as her temporary back up vocalist – a daunting task, but just as daunting as refusing her instruction.

Bostwana-born singer Kat Kai Kol-kes brings glam to The Vic. Photo: CuePix/Niamh Walsh-Vorster

Bostwana-born singer Kat Kai Kol-kes brings glam to The Vic.
Photo: CuePix/Niamh Walsh-Vorster

How many transgender women straight out of Botswana do you know performing at the National Arts Festival? This was the source of intrigue in getting to watch the Botswana-born vocalist for Chasing Jaykb.

Walking into the Vic, I was eager to see what Chasing Jaykb had to offer. However, I was met with an audience of about 20 people, a piano stand with no pianist, no instruments and positioned microphone stands with no background singers. Initially there was confusion as to why no band members showed up, and nothing was explained. Perhaps it was pre-show jitters. The confusion was short lived, however, as the beautifully strange Kat Kai Kol-Kes charged the stage and gripped us with her overwhelming charm.

A mash up of 1990s pop and contemporary folk, with a million other difficult-to-describe sounds converging into funky dance, her sound is both ethereal and dynamic.

The show features songs from her recently released album, Bongo Country, which Kol-Kes describes as an exploration of her relationship with Botswana. It features songs such as Caveman Jive, a high-paced song about contentment, as well as Debit Love, her closing number.

“Debit Love, as opposed to credit love,” Kat explains, “meaning love that you are ready and able to provide, you know what I mean?”

There is clear experimentation in her sound and it is simply beautiful. But the lack of an accompanying band could not be ignored. This made the production confusing. However, Kat shows a tremendous amount of potential.

The Vic, 8 July, 8:30pm

Luyanda Mahlinza
Cue student reporter

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