@Fest Atmosphere market: it’s about the vibe

Atmosphere market: it’s about the vibe

On Sunday 5 July festival-goers had a chance to enjoy the ambiance of a different market in town. Atmosphere Market, which is a newly launched monthly market was successful in giving an alternative to the veteran Village Green and Cathedral Markets.

The market was refreshing, with an array of traders, colours and people all attending with an aura of good energy.

You could buy artworks, food, crafts and clothing, or simply enjoy a couple of signature cocktails around a bonfire.

The market, in its second run, also introduced hot beverages and a tshisha nyama where people could bring and braai or purchase braai packs at the venue.

A live band and DJ’s kept the energy of the day going while traders and fest-goers alike cozied up to a different vibe.

The market runs on the last Sunday of every month.

Check out the video and infographic to give you the lowdown on what took place.


Atmosphere Night Market ICYMI


By Amanda Murimba

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