@Fest Where To Watch The World Cup In Grahamstown

Where To Watch The World Cup In Grahamstown

Let’s be frank for a second and admit that any act on the programme that’s performing between the hours of 6pm and midnight on a night that the World Cup is on is in serious risk of a load of empty seats. Last night, hundreds of Festival fanatics crammed the bars of Grahamstown to watch Germany reach the semis (AGAIN), David Luiz fire in a cracker of a goal, a giant bug land on James Rodriguez, and Neymar…let’s not talk about that.

Unfortunately, there are no African teams to root for in the quarterfinals like when SA hosted the Cup four years ago, but with the likes of Messi, Van Persie, and Muller still to look forward to, football fans aren’t going to want to miss the final matches of the tournament. Oh, and did we mention that the final is on the last night of Festival? Great timing.

With that in mind, here’s the best places to watch the World Cup in Grahamstown:

The Rat & Parrot: If you’re even remotely familiar with Grahamstown, you’ve probably OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAheard of this one. This student bar is loaded with twenty-somethings every weekend and gets filled to max capacity during Festival. So what happens when you throw the World Cup into the mix? Deafening pandemonium.

Still, if you can stand the crowd and the noise, there’s still a great vibe and a huge menu to enjoy. The pizza and the sour-cream beef rump in particular are worth a try.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Lowlander: This atmospheric pub probably would be even more fun than it already is if England had a decent team. Still, the Lowlander has a great intimate feel and hosts plenty of great jazz and acoustic acts during Festival. It’s an even better place to catch some rugby, too.

Friar Tuck’s: This pub and nightclub might be the one place in town more popular with students than The Rat & Parrot. It’s so popular that it only serves food during Festival because the kitchen was  overloaded with orders. So take the chance to enjoy Fry’s burgers while you can.

Champs Action Bar: This is a sports bar. In italics. You can find this little hole in the wall near the corner of High and Scotts. The tunes of Queen and Rolling Stones pour out the windows. Watch the Cup on one of the big screens in between shots at one of the billiards tables. Even if sports aren’t your thing, you’ll still want to show up on Wednesday, 9 July to see indie rock group Shadowclub take the stage here.


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