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Tannie Dora Goes Bos

This play is a comical whodunnit which relies on a specifically South African sense of humour. The plot is rife with twists which keep the audience interested. Afrikaans is used a lot, so if you don’t understand the language, a few jokes may be missed. Tannie Dora Goes Bos is entertaining but not outstanding in any way.  KS


Renier 13-08-2014, 13:16

Warren, you are the playwright and you will need to be able to accept the opinions of others. Some will like your play and some will not. Your comment above seems nothing more than spiteful and comes across as very unprofessional and immature. If you can’t handle the criticism then you are in the wrong industry.

Warren 13-07-2014, 10:10

KS… How you were able to review a show performed in a language you DO NOT understand is beyond all comprehension! I believe your words to me were “I enjoyed it. I don’t speak Afrikaans but I got the gist of it!” Was the title not a hint it might have Afrikaans in it? Or the description – which clearly states English AND Afrikaans! As for relying on a South African sense of humour… Really??!!! We’ve had audiences from all over the world who did not speak a word of Afrikaans in both our Cape Town runs and the LOVED it! Despite the language barrier… which begs the question, which planet are you from and would they consider taking you back?? All jokes aside though, since your journalistic ethics and integrity seem to be somewhat lacking, I’d recommend pursuing a career in tabloid journalism where relying on hearsay and tall tales rather than fact is the order of the day.


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