Classical Maestro makes music fun

Maestro makes music fun

Richard Cock has, once again brought to life the age-old composition originally written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936 – Peter and the Wolf.

The KZN Philharmonic Orchestra performed a South African version replacing Peter with Pieter and the Wolf with the Hyena. This piece is created for children but was enjoyed by those of all ages. The aim of these children’s orchestras, according to Richard Cock, is to educate children on what an orchestra is, which different instruments an orchestra can comprise of and what they sound like. Peter and the Wolf has been performed countless times all over the World and applies different instruments to different characters in the story.

It teaches children to use their imagination instead of sitting on a couch and “potatoing” in front of the television screen (a place where children don’t get to imagine the animals or characters because they are illustrated already).

Richard Cock takes music education very seriously and feels that it is important for children to be exposed to works such as this so that they will continue in life as cultural consumers.

-Kayla Lidstone



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