Featured Fest’s ArtTraction to Walter Sisulu University

Fest’s ArtTraction to Walter Sisulu University

The ArtTraction exhibition by Walter Sisulu students at the Albany Science Museum is bringing in good sales, especially due to the low prices for the work presented by the Diploma for Fine Arts students.

These art pieces range from ceramics, drawings, paintings and print. One of the curators, Mphuthumi Dingiswayo, mentioned that buyers could not believe that these art pieces were so affordable, and he added that their sales have been going well this year. This alludes to the quality of technique that these young artist possess.

The audio slideshow below presents some of their work.

-Kawela M’ule


Pumlani Mbanya 12-07-2014, 16:50

Great stuff institutions needs to focus on job opportunities on self employment.


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