Mixed Media Dream with your eyes open

Dream with your eyes open

The list of art mediums becomes extensive when artists such as Mathias Chirombo decide to use butternut and sweet soup to create portraits, one of which he calls a “selfie”.

Angolan warrior

Angolan warrior by Brunhilde Kretzman, clay. In “Dreaming with Open Eyes” exhibition.
Photo: CueOnline/Kawela M’ule

Dreaming with your eyes open is to see reality, and reality becomes the dream. This exhibition entitled “Dreaming with Open Eyes” takes you through the work of various artists who specialise in using different mediums such as ceramics, sculpture, handcraft, drawing and painting. Curated by a Rhodes University Fine Arts graduate, Chirombo, as part of the Chirombo Moderneum of Ancestry, at Albany Science Museum, Somerset Street.

— Kawela M’ule

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