Classical The world in a bubble

The world in a bubble

“In Grahamstown @ arts festival there is no such thing as Monday. It is simply day 5,” Rob Van Vuuren tweeted on Monday. He’s not the only artist performing at the Festival who feels that as the days go by, the outside world almost ceases to exist. During Festival time, what happens beyond the borders of Grahamstown is something to worry about later.

Folk singer-songwriter Laurie Levine, a 2010 South African Music Award (Sama) nominee, has been performing alongside instrumentalist Lize Wiid from the start of the Festival for the first time. “I feel like I’m living in a little bit of a bubble,” said Levine. “We actually lose track of the days sometimes.”

Levine and Wiid have had so much to keep them entertained that they feel completely out of touch with the usual record label pressures and their sometimes frenzied touring schedules. “We are trying to enjoy as much of the Festival as we can before going back to the real world,” said Levine.

Absolucy’s director Alex Tops has found being in the Festival bubble a very cold but worthwhile experience. “We don’t really have time to find out about things going on outside of the Festival,” said Tops. From promoting their show, to rehearsals, to enjoying some down time, the production crew finds it quite easy for the days to start running into each other. “It’s only when my alarm rings that I know what day it is,” said Tops.

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