Classical The last big bash

The last big bash

The last weekend of Fest is upon us and is going to be long, hard and gruelling – not for the feint-hearted. Late night party goers will be spoilt for choice with big name DJ’s from South Africa’s house and alternative music scene setting the town alight. If house is not your thing though, there are live bands and a hectic electro line up.

New Street will be party central with Equilibrium hosting DJ Cleo and DJ PH tonight. National house giants Euphonik and Tira will complete the programme on Saturday night. Doors open at 8pm with a discount for those who get there before 10.

Down the road, various DJs will be playing at the Monastery. They include hosts Five Dubstep and Trance DJs, Loki, Green fingers, Fly Finnigan, Ivy and Marly D. They start playing at 9.30 pm tonight and Saturday.

Further down New Street, Slip Stream Sports Bar hosts an impressive alternative vibe. John Wayne plays live on Friday. For a bit of spice in life catch a live suspension show, followed by trance music from Ant and Genie. Three bands, Brother Moves On, Mr Catch and the Jackal and Sunship offer something completely different.

On the other side of the block, the House of Pirates hosts a marathon weekend a live music kicking off at 8pm today. Feel like spicing things up a bit? Then Head to Grotto Mojito Friday night where Sunship is jamming with guest musicians and fire dancers.

For a more relaxed atmosphere there is the Lowlander Pub, below the Highlander, on Worcester Street. Local band Double Fox kicks off a weekend of free music Friday night. There are options out of town as well.. For the kasi experience, be at the Street Bash on Ncame Street in Joza, where DJ Tira is expected to draw the crowds. He will be supported by Udz Yubs and Jiggar.

Closer to town is the Urban Lounge at the Botanical Gardens. The lounges programme starts at 9pm with Shackles & Bones, UJU, 5 Levels Up, Shoelace Rockers Soul Band and Durban Hip Hop Alternative. There are two gigs on Saturday, U-Turn and Shackle & Bones.

The more adventuress party-goers can head up to the Sound Kiln Music Festival known as Tunnels-which has been going on for nine days. On Friday you can catch Tobey 2 Shoes and PH Phats among others. Saturday sees more great acts. Fest continues at the farm on Sunday with braais, music and chilled time for anyone still standing.

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