Indigenous Boykie with a bright future

Boykie with a bright future

The Johannesburg-based Deep Fried Man (Friedman, geddit?) brings his debut one-man show, Deeply Fried to the Festival, combining original songs, skits, stand-up, and spot-on South African parody. Grahamstown-born Daniel Buckland – he of the famous dad Andrew – directs.

“My one man show is going to be mental. High speed car chases, frenetic action scenes, romance, intrigue, mystery and also maybe some comedy songs,” he promised in his advertising, which was totally misleading.

He looks like a rabbi – and that is the punchline – but if you are expecting Jewish humour along the wholesome lines of chicken soup, stay away. The show’s age restriction of 16+ is apt for his wonderfully twisted sense of humour as he rips into clever parodies while strumming along on his guitar.

Think geriatric gay porn, an excellent rip-off of Die Antwoord, a dig at Danny K, some fumbling with Facebook and more, all served up by someone who is charmingly relaxed despite his youth (a litany of lighting glitches, erratic slideshow and a broken guitar string didn’t faze him on opening night).

His bio says that Friedman began his career as a serious musician “before realising that the audience was laughing at him, after which he decided that he might as well try to make them laugh on purpose”. That he does. Since then, he has been rocking comedy gigs all around South Africa and this year in January he was voted Best Newcomer at the first annual Comics Choice Awards.

This boykie has a bright future – and maybe it’s time South Africa had a Weird Al Yankovic or a Frank Zappa to call its own.

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