Classical Boo! Expect surprises

Boo! Expect surprises

“An artist who doesn’t change is either dead or lying. You’ve got to change.” This straight from the mouth of Chris Chameleon, vocalist and bassist for the band Boo! And, true to his name, he changes in style, vocal range and clothes.

The band’s self-named genre, ‘monkipunk’, is a unique, ever-changing and indefinable amalgamation of musical styles ranging from classical to punk rock. Chameleon’s four-octave voice range lends their performances a dynamic feel. Keeping away from convention, the band has no guitarists. Riaan van Rensburg is on drums and Ampie Omo on trumpet, trombone, keyboards and percussion.

The quirky, eccentric band played together for eight years before breaking up in 2004. They were resurrected last year. “When doing something that no one else does, you can’t put a time to it. If your music doesn’t fall into any genre or any particular sound, it’s not held back by the constraints of time. Who we are personally is not limited to a particular type or time,” said Chameleon.

Weird and wonderful sounds are the order of any Boo! performance. Chameleon, who writes the music said, “My work is so varied. I have all these options for expression. I like making sounds because it evokes certain feelings. Sometimes meaning is best conveyed through a sound, not a word.”

The colour doesn’t end there. The band has been known to wear anything from dresses and high heels to tea towels in their shows. “Die vere maak die voël – what you’re wearing influences your mindset and the way you feel,” said Chameleon, “For example, I hate wearing pointy-toed-shoes, I feel like I’m walking with a tight ass. It completely screws with my personality and makes me feel uncomfortable. Unconventional clothing catapults my personality into an unconventional space.”

So what will the band be wearing at their National Arts Festival show tonight? “I’ll be wearing something tight fitting and shiny. It’s gonna be good!” said Chameleon.

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