Classical Seven deadly singers

Seven deadly singers

D-Seven equals seven good-looking guys, seven microphones and one stage. There is no doubt that an electrifying, unique and yes, sexy experience is sure to follow. The Cape Town-based band started experimenting with different styles of music, such as a cappella and beat boxing, in 2007. Since then they have performed at various South African festivals, and they have even made an appearance on South Africa’s Got Talent.

D-Seven: Fresh a Cappella performs a repertoire that can appeal to anyone, rendering songs from Coldplay to the Manhattans and even Josh Groban. These guys perform with such precision that it makes you wonder if there isn’t a full instrumental band hiding behind the stage. Their instruments are hidden in their voice boxes, allowing them to travel light. To prove to the audience that they were not faking it and lip syncing, they put down their mics and performed a couple of songs right in front of the audience, unplugged. Needless to say, they were the real deal.

To end off the show, D-Seven performed their own version of Wavin’ flag, to which the audience responded with a standing ovation. When not performing with D-Seven, these guys lead normal lives, with jobs, studies and wives or future wives. They are currently working on their first album with The School of Audio Engineering in Cape Town. Patrick Craig, their manager, says, “I would love to go overseas with the guys.” .

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