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Rob who?

Rob van Vuuren is a funny guy. There is no other way to put it: comedy is in his blood. He has you in stitches the moment he opens his mouth, which makes having a conversation with him a near impossible task.

Festival-goers will not only be able to see the comic genius on stage in person this year, but van Vuuren has also put his expertise on loan and is directing a number of other productions as well.

This guy is kiff
Van Vuuren is probably best known for his role as Twakkie, the little guy with the oversized “snor” and inappropriately tight running shorts who, alongside Louw Venter as Corné (and a dog named Brakkies), make up the politically incorrect dynamic duo in The Most Amazing Show. The act has garnered a cult following. Two seasons of the show aired on SABC 2, and the pair are currently in talks to make a feature-length film.

“I’m the ultimate fan of The Most Amazing Show, and the characters. I love the style of comedy, I love what the characters are allowed to say because of their positioning. I am so grateful for the show; it has given me so many opportunities.”

When van Vuuren is in character, Twakkie takes over completely. It is a part of him as surely as he lives and breathes, and it is this most perverse and dark aspect of his personality that gets free reign.

“What’s weird is people asking me about Rob van Vuuran when I’m Twakkie. Because when Twakkie’s Twakkie, he’s Twakkie. There is no Rob van Vuuran; he exists out there in the universe but he’s a bit of a ‘doos’.”

More than just a snor
During The Most Amazing Show’s two-year hiatus, van Vuuren was hard at work making a name for himself as a stand-up comic. He began his stand-up career in Grahamstown, and the content of this Festival’s Rob van Vuuren is Rob van Vuuren is the result of two years dedicated to performing stand-up.

“It’s been so much fun. I’m completely addicted to it, although it is much more unforgiving. The line between success and failure is so clearly marked. If they’re not laughing it means it sucks,” he said.

Rob all around
Van Vuuren is also directing two other comedy acts on the Fringe, The Best Man’s Speech, featuring friend and stage partner Louw Venter, and Gary, the Tooth Fairy with Bevan Cullinan. Strictly Rob and Mary however will not be performed at Festival as planned.

Looking toward the future, van Vuuren is going to focus on coming up with a new stand-up show, which means working on new material.

“It means working on a lot of new scenarios, and then trying them out on stage to see what works and what doesn’t,” he explained.

One of van Vuuren’s previous productions, Electric Juju, is also being made into an animated film.

“There’s a company in Cape Town working on it, and we’re shopping the script at the moment. It’s quite rad because animators are drawing things that only existed in my head before.”

It’s a pretty sure bet that anything that van Vuuren does in the future, be it stand-up, theatre, or comedy, it will definitely not be kak.

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