@Fest Poetry in motion and music

Poetry in motion and music

“A story is like water that you heat for your bath. It takes messages between the fire and your skin. It lets them meet, and it cleans you.” This extract from Rumi’s poem is a favourite of Gavin Bonner, who brings Tellin’ Tales to the Glennie Fest Centre today at noon. Fresh from performing in the UK, Australia and Asia, Londoner Bonner hopes the words of the 13th century mystical poet might encourage you to think twice about missing performance poetry and story-telling at this year’s line-up.

Bonner is a musician, poet and storyteller and has travelled the world extensively. In Tellin’ Tales he combines 15 years of travelling experience with impressive improvisational skills, shares snippets of his experiences and tells traditional tales from all over the world.

During the improvisation phase of his performance Banner asks the audience to throw around words, ideas, or celebrity names that he will use to weave together a story in rhyme, which is guided by a personal mental image. He also expresses himself rhythmically through West and North African as well as Middle Eastern percussion such as the jembe, riq, tar and bendir drums.

For writer and director Zukolufikile Mjali, hope for South African youth is the central theme in his offering Iphulo (The Mission). Mjali’s piece deals with HIV/Aids, crime and drug abuse and their impact on the lives of youths. Mjali believes that there is room for change for everyone in South Africa and deals with the role of God in the education of the youth. For Mjali, the youth need more than what they are being provided with and this message is conveyed through a synchronised blend of poetry, ensemble and opera music.

Let the fire of performance poetry and story-telling using music and dance on the Fringe bring messages to your skin this Festival. Let them clean you.

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