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Breed brings Buckland back

The latest offering from the Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company, explores the lives of South Africans finding their way through a democratic society, focusing on Eastern Cape rural life.

The title Breed was inspired by ideas around breeding dogs, underground dog fights, and the relationship between dogs and human beings.

“A lot of my writing has been about dogs,” director Brink Scholtz says. “I began with the image of a man on a plot, breeding dogs. I’ve been obsessed with these ideas for a long while.”

Breed started with a rough script. A dictaphone was used during improvisations, transcribed, structured theatrically and given back to the cast to play with.

“This keeps the piece alive,” Andrew Buckland says. “Brink is sensitive to issues affecting society, and there are dark elements and comic elements in this production.”

The dog in Breed appears as a manifestation of the difficulties the characters face as they interact across two seemingly separate worlds. The dog operates as both a fulcrum and a catapult, and so its representation is more anthropomorphic than realistic.

Audience imagination
Because there are no physical representations of the dog, the audience is invited to contribute their creative input. “They are part of the world we have constructed. They have to imagine,” Buckland says.

Buckland, after years of directing, is back on the other side of the lights. “I feel I am a better actor than a teacher,” he says. “I love it!”

Rehearsals began before Buckland returned from a run of one-man shows at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. Including him after the process began meant the focus of the production shifted several times.

“We looked at the way we relate to one another as human beings. I’m older than some of the members, so we played with that dynamic. In Ubom! there is mutual respect for one another’s strengths. I’m in good hands.”

Breed will continue to develop as it progresses during Festival. “It’s still breeding,” says Scholtz.

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