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Adult shows hard to uncover

Sex, art and rock ’n roll. The Festival has it all. The art you’ll find everywhere and you won’t be able to escape the vuvuzelas, but the sex. Well, you’ll have to harder look for that.

Filter the programme and you’ll find six adult shows this year. If raunchy is your kind of entertainment then you’d best start booking now. But be prepared to uncover the bare issues underneath the layers of gloss and pantyhose that the productions will strip away for you.

Sex and nudity sell, and if this is your thing then Ma Lindi: The Sex Strike, directed by Phyllis Klotz, is something to look out for. Combining comedy, sex and singing, this looks to be a spirited production placing women firmly on top.

Games, directed by Kingdom Moshoungane and the cast from the Tshwane University of Technology, explores the roles we play in our sexual relationships. This is not just naughty nurse play. Games goes deeper in an attempt to uncover the power play and promises to get us thinking about who we are in the bedroom (or on the washing machine).

Rubbish Mistakes Over a Mess by the Eighty Six Manka Theatre Company is just what the doctor ordered. An X-rated soap opera straddling themes of murder, money and of course, sex.

There are a few other choices on the below-the-belt menu, including almost 20 films rated 18-and-over, but unfortunately sex takes a backseat to violence and car chases in most of them. If X-rated theatre and film makes you giggle, Live & Kicking , a collection of comedians who like to talk dirty, might satisfy you.

For those who want to use your brains as well as other necessary organs, Think!Fest has a category for all the erotic mind exercise you can employ. The sexuality and identity category has talks with topics including same-sex marriages and the self, sexuality and South African society. If neither the romp nor the deeper stuff appeals to you, there’s always the vast DVD selection at Adult World on Raglan Road.

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