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Riding with a rough rock ’n roller

Andy Lund and the Mission Men casually stroll onto stage, ready to entertain the five people sitting before them.

Although it’s more like Andy Lund and the Mission Man since Lund is only accompanied by Sean Ou Tim, the musical chameleon.

They introduce themselves and then jest that the five audience members introduce themselves too.

They jump straight into it with Ou Tim starting out on bass, belting out a heavy folksy number.

Lund handles these rough bluesy tracks beautifully, with his whiskey warm voice and varying playing styles.

Blue’s man
He’s like one of those old-school folk singers telling stories of murder and heartbreak.

A bit like a less-bitter Nick Cave.

During nearly every song, Lund is filled with torment and anguish.

He means every word that he sings, and the pain he’s feeling looks real and physical.

The song Not Waving but Drowning is so genuinely emotional that it’s difficult to mock.

Between the songs, Lund engages in light-hearted chatter with the audience, joking about the price of hotdogs on the Village Green.

It’s hard to believe it’s the same man that’s doing the singing.

Then he throws in a little self-deprecation into his attempt at a joyous song, Fall From Grace.

Completely complementary
When he introduces his fourth song − about a relationship that’s broken − he begins to laugh and says he knows we’re going to want to slit our wrists by the end of the show.

“Go and see Rob van Vuuren after this,” he punts. “He’s really funny.”

The duo makes their way through much of their album, Soundtrack for a Muted Heart, and a couple of covers.

It’s evident that they really love music and that it has played a leading role in their lives.

Ou Tim is phenomenal as he shifts from bass to keyboards, looking equally comfortable behind both.

His geekish charm is engaging and nicely juxtaposed with Lund’s rock ’n roll roughness.

They complete and complement each other.

Andy Lund and the Mission Men with Reburn and aKING are at the Cuervo Music Room tonight at 8pm

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