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Not funny being the last woman standing

“Female stand-up comedians are not funny,” a Cue editor declared. Perhaps that is why there is only one witty woman at this year’s Festival. And perhaps that is also why her shows have been poorly supported.

But Ava Vidal is funny. I saw her at Live and Kicking and laughed, along with the rest of the audience. That disproves statement number one. So, can we blame festival goers for her seats being vacant? Are they chauvinists and conservatives who do not want to support someone who is female, black, or from the UK?

None of the above, Vidal dismisses. Instead, she says, she has not been marketed properly; I think she should behave better in interviews.

She says she didn’t know about flyers; I think she doesn’t know that the press is her best poster.

“It’s not worth me being here, I’d be better off kicking in Joburg,” she says. Fair enough, her shows have had a disappointing turnout. “I have a terrible headache,” Vidal continues.

Vidal says her show has been “misunderstood” by reviewers − it’s not about Obama, it’s about my life and personal reaction, she says. About her Festival experience, she says: “It’s not all negative. I have been challenged and met quite a few people.” Too little, too late.

Before the interview, I had expected to fill a notepad with quotes, anecdotes and witticisms proving that women can be funny, but it doesn’t take a lot of space to pen “not really” as a reply to my questions.

“I’m very conversational,” Vidal says. Considering Vidal’s dry, cynical brand of humour, this must be it, folks − the only joke in the interview.

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