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Cherish this musicianship from the heart

Trio Hemanay’s two recitals included some traditional fare and the world premiere of an established South African composer’s work as well as the repeat performance of a trio by an emerging South African talent.

Neo Muyana, a Soweto-born composer, traverses a wide range of sound worlds in Tricolor ankh without having a core compositional reference point. Muyana attempts to weave a variety of African elements onto a western art music stem, though the juxtaposition of African idioms with western cadencing and tonal thematicism results in an uncomfortable fit. I would suggest that this work requires some revision by Muyana before being aired again.

The world premiere of well-known composer Hendrik Hofmeyr’s Two Tangos 2009 showed a tightness of structure within a polyphonic juxtapositioning of idiomatic themes. The first relies on a habanera spirit while the second, an emotionally introspective gaze into the tango, has moments of dance-floor nostalgia intertwined with torrid tempestuousness. Here, the Trio Hemanay demonstrated flair and an attention to detail in their noteworthy performance.

Marion Lewin, veteran South African cellist, gave a ravishingly beautiful rendition of Rachmaninoff’s Sonata for Cello and Piano (second movement). This was passionate involvement straight from the heart. Her superlative conception and execution resulted in a performance gem long to be cherished in each audience member’s memory.

Attention to detail
Trio Hemanay’s dedicated attention to the details of the score, stylistic awareness, pointed phrasing and superb control over dynamic contrasts were to the fore in their interpretation of Haydn’s Trio in D major. Nay’s outstanding, assured pianism, especially apparent during the opening of this work, set the tone for performance excellence.

Mendelssohn’s Trio in D minor displayed a fine instrumental balance with thematic passages shared out within a luminous texture. The effortless soaring of Helen Vosloo’s flute, Nay’s gossamer touch controlled with delicate finesse and Lewin’s lovingly inflected solos turned this performance into an artistic experience.

The Four Seasons Tangos by Piazzolla received a phenomenally insightful and passionately driven rendition. Trio Hemanay infused a truly Latin spirit with emotionally laden nuances into Piazzolla’s ever-changing emotional kaleidoscope. Here drama, pathos and tempestuous love intermingled in a charged atmosphere with each performer drawing the utmost from their instrument. This expressively forceful work culminated their two-part series.

It is hoped that they will grace the Festival stage again next year as their sheer professionalism and artistic commitment are truly inspirational.

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